Mothers of RG3, Kevin Durrant, Mark Ingram and Michael Phelps talk parenting for high-performance

(DC UrbanSports) - Mothers of NBA's Kevin Durrant, Robert Griffin, III, Mark Ingram and Michael Phelps spoke on Capital Hill Tuesday on a panel titled Creating a Culture of Excellence: Parenting for High Performance.

All are mothers with major accomplishments in their own right but when it came to raising their sons, these mothers are just like yours.

The moms revealed their best practices for making sure their then budding superstars did their homework and were well grounded, respectful young men.

The moms also made sure they took time out to get involved in their sons' education.
Wanda Pratt, mom of NBA star Kevin Durrant. Photo/CD Brown.
Pratt, mother to NBA's 2014 MVP (see 5:00 mark), Kevin Durrant revealed she used to have Kevin go above the required reading or scheduled practice exerices.

"... he knew I would always come in and possibly require more" said Pratt.  "I set the expectation for my children. There were times when I wanted to quit and give up, but I couldn't - for them.  I wanted more for them."

Pratt has a degree in Information Technology and said she would have her kids study with her, often helping her with her tests.

"They would test me, and study with me.  It was a requirement."  Adding, "I needed their support just as much as they needed mine."
Shonda Ingram, mom of NFL's Mark Ingram. Photo/CD Brown.

The moms recounted being told a few unflattering things about their then very young sons on their way to greatness.

Deborah Phelps, and educator and mom of Olympic medal swimmer Michael Phelps, shared that an elementary teacher told her Michael we would fail.
Debra Phelps, mom of Olympic medal swinner Michael Phelps.  Photo/CD Brown.

Jacquelin Griffin, mom to NFL's Washington Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin, III, shared that one of Robert's teachers said her son would be nothing but "a thug".  Twenty years later, that same teacher wanted Robert to give a speech at the same school where the teacher taught.

"He declined", said Jacqueline Griffin.

Robert, currently participating in the team's OTAs, is also awaiting the birth of his first child (gender not revealed), expected very soon.

"Around the nineteenth", said Griffin's mother. "We're playing the baby waiting game."  The birth will make Griffin's second grandchild.

Jacqueline Griffin, mom to Washington Redskin quarterback RG3.  Photo/CD Brown.
The moms participated in the Capital Hill forum as part of the U.S. Dream Academy fundraiser and gala events.  The event comes on the heels of Mother's Day and also the Toya Graham incident where the mother was seen on video scolding her young son for participating in a Baltimore police protest.

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