Switching Gears A Bit

Recuperating from all the hoopla over the Wizards' NBA playoff action and their 105-88 loss to Cleveland last evening (that ended the series), I've decided to switch gears a bit.

I was at this art gallery yesterday and saw where they had this amazing boxing book by photographer, Ken Regan.

Ken started shooting for SI back in the 60s and chronicled some of the brightest ever in boxing with his new book, Knockout: The Art of Boxing.

From Ali to Tyson, to Cooney to Sugar Ray, simply awesome photos!

As a photographer I can definitely appreciate this book!

Whether you're a photographer, or if you just love boxing, you'll love the book. Check it out!

Note: Sells for $75 retail, but you can get it online for $45 or less.

See also www.ali.com.