LeBron James Gets It Right!

You guys know my feelings on, what I call, the two negative representations of LeBron James off the court.

If not, I'll remind you.....

Negative Representation Number 1 | Negative Representation Number 2

But guess what?

This time out, LeBron shows he can do so much better!

Here he is in a Vitamin Water commercial not only looking dapper, slim, handsome in that suit - he plays a DEFENSE ATTORNEY!

Not a bad job acting in this one either. I guess the third time's the charm!

Aw, LeBron, ya makin' me proud!

Check out the commercial below (I know the big-dawg media hounds are gonna run with this one once they get a wiff. Woof! Woof!)

Now, be real, isn't this how you really like to see LeBron James?

p.s. Vitamin Water or not, the Wizards are STILL gonna beat the Cavs in Game 6 this Friday at the Verizon Center! Go Wizards!


DanaD said…
....Now, be real, isn't this how you really like to see LeBron James?....

Well, aside from seeing LeBron naked, I'd say this is a close second.
Anonymous said…
No, Wizards DID NOT beat up the cavs. Sorry!