Wizards Defeat Cavs 88-87

Close game, touch and go and times, but our Wizards pulled it off on Cleveland's home turf.

Just when you thought the final nail would be put into the coffin, the Wizards pulled a win for the home team, and for Abe Pollin.

Caron Butler had a playoff high of 32 points.

"I like the way Caron made some solid decisions... he's strong enough, ... smart enough to know when to make a veteran play", said Coach Eddie Jordan.

DeShawn Stevenson had 17, while Antonio Daniels followed up with 12 points.

Cleveland leads the series 3-2. Game 6 Sunday at the Verizon Center.

Coach Jordan says he's not predicting a win on Friday, but thinks the team will play well on Friday.



Jennifer said…
I couldn't be more proud!
TommieBoy said…
See you Sunday LeBron!