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Wizards Lose Pivotal Game 3

The UWC Invasion
at GMU's Patriot Center, featuring Pete Spratt vs Jason Von Flue, found Spratt serving up a KO at two minutes, thirty-four seconds in the first round over Von Flue.


Other winners included:

Thomas Schulte over Zach Light (Round 1 stoppage)
Carlo Prater over Marcelo Brito (Unanimous Decision)
Marcus Foran over Tenyeh Dixon (Armbar, 4:24 Round 2)
Aaron Riley over Thiago Minu (Unanimous Decision)
Mike Easton over Gerald Lovato (2:48 Round 1, KO)
Josh Feldman over Johnny Curtis (1:07 KO, Round 1)
Mike Corey over Dwayne Shelton (KO 33 secs Round 2)
Ron Stallings vs Rashad Woods (1:25 KO, Round 1)

If you missed the April bouts at the Patriot Center, no worries, promoters plan a September event later this year.

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Sherry said…
That was some of the most exciting MMA action I've seen! A bit brutal, but I guess it's so is regular boxing.
Rahman said…
The MMA sport is growing leaps and bounds. Expect more coverage of this sport.
Tony G said…
The discipline it takes to be in this sport is overwhelming. It's great body conditioning, but you do take some horrendous blows to the body as well.

Most fighters can't do more than 1 or 2 fights in a span of a few months.

The body can't take that much bounding.
tony g said…
I meant to say pounding, not bounding.