Gilbert Arenas Out For Season!

It's being reported that Gilbert Arenas, #1, will not play in tonight's game 5 with the Cavaliers; and #2 is out for the season.

"I don't want to be out there if I'm not 100%. I'm not scoring, I'm not doing anything", Gilbert told the media in Cleveland.

As we stated a few days before, rumors surfaced whether the team is better when Gil doesn't play.

If that is true, I'll say it takes a really big guy to admit it, to say he's willing to sit out and let the healthy players run the 'take over' on Cleveland tonight. (Regardless of whether Coach Jordan knew about it, or not).

As a special request, owner Abe Pollin has asked that the team win this game for him.

Those are the two factors going into tonight's game that could propel the Wizards to a win.

Tip off at 6pm! Go Wizards!


James said…
Wizards up 45 to 41 off a DeShawn Stevenson foul shot with less than :25 seconds to go. Cleveland gets two. Wizards up 45 - 43 at the half.

Stevenson has 11 points, as Cleveland fans continue to throw towels and say nasty things to him.

Caron has 16.
Anonymous said…
jamison and haywood are so necessary under the basket. Caron is having a good night too. He's got 20 pts so far.

Wiz bring lead to within 2 pts. 59-57.
Big C said…
they'd better start with the defense. DEFENSE! DEFENSE!
janice said…
wizards up by 3 at end of 3rd.